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Senior, Junior, and Blasters cricket with in Brisbane's Metro South West District Cricket

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Stage 2 - Bowling
Stage 3 - Bowling
Stage 2 - Right Hander - Up close
Boys and girls love cricket

Blast Your Way Up

Junior and Master Blasters

You can start playing cricket immediately. We help adults and children to get started, to learn to bat, bowl, and field, and to start playing games.

For kids up to 8 years we run a fantastic Friday night of training and games at our club house, called Blasters. The whole community of Kenmore cricket comes a long and helps out. We host a BBQ and drinks in our club house, whilst the kids are out there learning the basics of cricket and having a great time.


Girls at Kenmore

More girls make great cricket

If you or your daughter wants to try out cricket then Kenmore Cricket Club is the right place for you. We have both dedicated girl teams and also blend boys and girls together. We also regularly compete against other teams with girls. Girls are great at cricket and we want to help them have fun and succeed.


Junior Cricket

Once you have learned the basics and have been promoted from Master Blasters, we welcome you to Junior Cricket on Saturday mornings.

Our season started October 9th 2021 and runs through to December 4th 2021.  
Post-Christmas cricket follows the school Term 1 dates and we will have registrations open in December 2021.

Stage 1

Wake up early on Saturday mornings and watch your kids race to get into their cricket whites! They'll have their Kenmore Cricket polo top and cap on before breakfast.

Games are on Saturday mornings starting 8am, and try to finish after 10am. Most games are played in the greater Kenmore suburbs, including Brookfield, Fig Tree Pocket, Indooroopilly, and Chapel Hill on the astroturf wickets of local schools.

Everyone gets to bat, bowl, and field in all the positions. If you get out, you stay in. The ball is rubber, and batting pads are optional. Actually, they run faster without them.

As an indication, players in Stage 1 might be between 7 and 11 years old.


Stage 2

Time for the protective gear. We're now using the hard leather ball.

Everyone still gets to bat and bowl. That is, until you get out. Ouch. In Stage 1 you got to keep batting, but in Stage 2 if you're out you're out.

Games are now 3 to 4 hours long. As a bonus for you statisticians, game results and personal achievements are now recorded on MyCricket in real time.

As an indication, players in Stage 2 might be between 10 and 13 years old.

Stage 2 - Left Hander - Up close

Stage 3

Turf pitches baking in the sun. The ovals get bigger. Players start to specialise. Batsmen try to stay in all day. Fast and slow bowlers try to get them out.

As the players get older the games begin to are competed across two weekends for an epic tussle of endurance.

As an indication, players in Stage 3 might range from 12 to 17 years old. There's no hurry to reach Stage 3. You've got a lifetime to play cricket with Kenmore Cricket Club.

Stage 3 - Bowling
Stage 3 - Changing Ends

Adult Cricket

Enjoy a life with cricket

There are many opportunities for men and women to play cricket across Brisbane. We are a competitive yet social club and currently sport a senior men's team


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