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Da Vinci Code Malayalam Pdf Free Download

Da Vinci Code Malayalam PDF Free Download

The Da Vinci Code is a bestselling novel by American author Dan Brown, published in 2003. The novel is a thriller that revolves around the quest for the Holy Grail, a secret that has been hidden for centuries by a mysterious society called the Priory of Sion. The novel follows the adventures of Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and French cryptologist Sophie Neveu, who are pursued by a ruthless killer and a fanatical Catholic sect, as they unravel the clues left by the murdered curator of the Louvre Museum, Jacques Saunière, who was also Sophie's grandfather and a member of the Priory.


The novel has been translated into many languages, including Malayalam, the official language of the Indian state of Kerala. The Malayalam version of the novel was published by DC Books in 2020, with the translation done by Jomi Thomas and R. Gopikrishnan. The Malayalam edition has 472 pages and is available in normal binding. The ISBN number of the book is 9788126412266.

If you are looking for a free download of the Da Vinci Code Malayalam PDF, you may be disappointed to know that there is no legal way to do so. The novel is protected by copyright laws and downloading it without permission from the publisher or the author is illegal and unethical. However, if you are interested in reading the novel, you can buy it from online or offline bookstores or borrow it from libraries or friends.

Alternatively, you can also read some reviews and summaries of the novel online to get an idea of what it is about. Here are some links to some web sources that provide information about the Da Vinci Code Malayalam edition:

  • [DA VINCI CODE(MALAYALAM) - LookaBook]: This is an online bookstore that sells the Malayalam edition of the novel. You can find the book description, price, and other details here.

  • [Da vinci code book malayalam pdf free download]: This is a blog post that provides some information about the novel and its Malayalam translation. However, it does not provide any link to download the PDF for free.

We hope this article has given you some useful information about the Da Vinci Code Malayalam PDF free download. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.


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