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17 sec ago~ LAS VEGAS – Eight teams. 10 events. 28 games. 140 outs. And now, it all comes down to three days in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, as the 2023 PBR Camping World Team Series Championship prepares to crown one champion.

Securing the right to watch Friday night’s action from the suites after earning first-round byes for finishing the season ranked as the league’s Top 2 teams, the No. 1 Austin Gamblers and No. 2 Kansas City Outlaws will watch on as the other six squads get things started inside T-Mobile Arena.

With Game 1 set to feature a showdown between the No. 6 Carolina Cowboys vs. the No. 5 Arizona Ridge Riders, fans will witness 2022 World Champion Daylon Swearingen return to action for the first time since Sept. 9.

Just 3-for-8 on the year as one of many banged up Carolina riders, he’ll have a chance to come in clutch for the Cowboys Friday night.

For as much excitement as the All-World talent brings to the lineup, perhaps Trevor Kastner could be the biggest wild card for Jerome Davis and company.

While he’s only gotten a handful of opportunities to ride this season, he enters the postseason matchup with prior playoff experience, having ridden with the team in Las Vegas last year.

Not just showing up and nodding, by any means.

In his three outs, he went 2-for-3, posting a pair of 90-pointers.

First challenged by Alakazam (91.5 points) in the opening night’s Last Chance Game to help keep his team alive, he doubled down on Saturday night with a rank 90.25-point conversion atop Sneaky Situation to keep the fireworks flying.

Carolina’s opponents, the Ridge Riders, executed some transactions during the week, but are currently slated to tap most of their regular starters, short Colten Fritzlan who’s out with an injury.

In his place, a healing Chase Dougherty will look to start things off for Colby Yates as the team looks to make another run.

Game 2’s showdown between the No. 7 Nashville Stampede and No. 4 Oklahoma Freedom offers a healthy mix of established veterans and promising up-and-coming talent.

Similar to Carolina, the Stampede have battled the injury bug all season. But aren’t using it as an excuse.

Singing Lucas Fideles Souza and Adilson Junior ahead of this weekend, Justin McBride has inserted Junior into the starting lineup for the defending champions. Not only will the Brazilian get his first taste of PBR Teams action, but it’ll be during the postseason, and against a revered bovine in Preacher’s Kid.

Adding to the sizzle, it’ll also mark just his second or third-ever ride in the United States, pending his finish in Thursday night’s Challenger Series Championship.

For Cord McCoy and the Freedom, they’re set to roll with four of their normal contributors but have elected to use Trevor Reiste in the No. 3 spot Friday evening.

Similar to Kastner, Reiste hasn’t necessarily gotten too many looks, but with some postseason experience under his belt from last year, he’s worked his way into the Freedom’s starting five.

With Silvano Alves and Caden Bunch set to serve as closers for their respective teams, this one’s going to be closer than the seeds may suggest.

Rounding out night one inside T-Mobile Arena, the No. 8 Missouri Thunder and No. 3 Texas Rattlers meet for what could be one of the higher scoring games of the weekend.

Of course, that depends on which version of the Thunder shows up Friday. Finishing the season in the basement of the standings, the team has been the least consistent at 8-20 overall.

But when Kade Madsen starts the boys out with a rank ride, they’ve been one of the most momentum-driven squads out there this season.

The team has indeed had its ups and downs throughout the season but may get a glimpse into their future with Eduardo Matos expected to get just his third opportunity of the year Friday. Set to dance with Jasper, he joins 20-year-old Australian Qynn Andersen in the lineup, who’s 2-for-9 thus far in 2023.

While they’ve rotated a fair amount of personnel in and out is the lineup through the 10-event campaign, they’ll be anchored by Andrew Alvidrez in their No. 3 spot, with family man Briggs Madsen donning the closer role.

Cody Lambert’s Rattlers team, however, is expecting to ride all five of their bulls in Game 3. With the most four-ride games this season, that’s not a crazy expectation.

An organization which saw some standout performances from oft-used riders during last year’s postseason has now assembled one of the deepest and most competitive rosters top to bottom.

With most of the other teams dealing with roster moves, Texas is set to fire up five of its normal starters, including the likes of veteran Joao Ricardo Vieira to kick things off and star Daniel Keeping in the No. 5 spot.

With the 5-on-5 circuit set to invade Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 2023 PBR Camping World Team Series Championship, let’s take a look at the starting lineups for Friday night’s competition inside T-Mobile Arena (With broadcast coverage starting at 7:30 p.m. PDT on CBS Sports Network and action beginning at 8 p.m. PDT).


*Denotes a rematch

No. 6 Carolina Cowboys (11-17) vs. No. 5 Arizona Ridge Riders (13-15)

Cooper Davis vs. Caesar (Jenkins Cattle Co.)

Chase Dougherty vs. Bandito Bug (Chris Utz/Carey Brothers/Mikey Chaney/Blake Sharp)

Josh Frost vs. Nefarious (Viducic Bucking Bulls/Jess Lockwood)

Eduardo Aparecido vs. JAG Metals Hard Way (Paige Stout Bucking Bulls/Philip Elkins)

*Daylon Swearingen vs. Lights Out (Hawkins Bucking Bulls/Premier Ag)

Vitor Losnake vs. Mahan (Jane Clark/Gene Owen)

Trevor Kastner vs. UTZ BesTex Smokestack (Blake Sharp/Chris Utz/Carey Brothers)

*Luciano De Castro vs. Bubba G (Dakota Rodeo/Brian & Ashely Pintar/Clay Struve/Chad Berger)

Sage Steele Kimzey vs. Black Ice (BMC Bucking Bulls/Jenkins Cattle Co.)

*Keyshawn Whitehorse vs. Twisted Feather (Blake Sharp/Michael Floyd/Cain Kobert)


Daylon Swearingen vs. Lights Out (89.25 points in Los Angeles, California; 7.47 seconds in Salinas, California)

Keyshawn Whitehorse vs. Twisted Feather (86.5 points in Nashville, Tennessee; 7.56 seconds in Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Luciano De Castro vs. Bubba G (7.52 seconds in Cheyenne, Wyoming)


The Carolina Cowboys released J.T. Moore from the Reserve Roster

The Carolina Cowboys released Flavio Zivieri from the Protected Roster and signed him to the Reserve Roster

The Carolina Cowboys added Daylon Swearingen to the Protected Roster from Injured Reserve

The Arizona Ridge Riders placed Nick Tetz on Injured Reserve

The Arizona Ridge Riders released Levi Gray from the Reserve Roster

The Arizona Ridge Riders released Guilherme Valleiras from the Reserve Roster

The Arizona Ridge Riders promoted Jesse Petri from the Reserve Roster to the Protected Roster

The Arizona Ridge Riders signed Wellington Ferreira to the Reserve Roster

The Arizona Ridge Riders signed Hayden Harris to the Reserve Roster

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No. 7 Nashville Stampede (11-17) vs. No. 4 Oklahoma Freedom (14-14)

Alan de Souza vs. Sneaky Situation (Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Lacey Scott/Lucky Blue Crab Bucking Bulls)

Elizmar Jeremias vs. Fierce’s Dirt Nap (Blake Sharp/UB Bucking Co/Fierce Firearms)

Kaiden Loud vs. Washita Red (Eldred Cattle)

Alex Cerqueira vs. Bootlegger (Flinn Cattle Co)

Ednelio Almeida vs. Midnight Magic (Richard & Teri Braun/Jenkins Cattle)

Trevor Reiste vs. Man Hater (Jane Clark/Gene Owen)

Adilson Junior vs. Preachers Kid (K-C Bucking Bulls/RD Cattle)

*Thiago Salgado vs. July (Leffew Bucking Bulls)

*Silvano Alves vs. Falcon Eddie (Lari Crane/Gene Owen)

Caden Bunch vs. Spooky (Blake Sharp)


Silvano Alves vs. Falcon Eddie (85.25 points in Kansas City, Missouri)

Thiago Salgado vs. July (4.30 seconds in Anaheim, California; 7.3 seconds in Anaheim, California)


The Nashville Stampede placed Dener Barbosa on Injured Reserve

The Nashville Stampede released Joao Henrique Lucas from the Reserve Roster

The Nashville Stampede signed Lucas Fidelis Sousa to the Reserve Roster

The Nashville Stampede signed Adilson Junior to the Reserve Roster

RELATED: Nashville Stampede vs. Oklahoma Freedom Game Preview

No. 8 Missouri Thunder (8-20) vs. No. 3 Texas Rattlers (16-12)

Kade Madsen vs. Buckeye Nation (K Bar C Bucking Bulls/TCB Ranch)

*Joao Ricardo Vieira vs. Mr. Excavator (Cornwell Bucking Bulls/PCP Bucking Bulls)

Eduardo Matos vs. Jasper (Hawkins Bucking Bulls)

Brady Oleson vs. Taylor’s Cowtown Throwdown (Farris Cattle/Big Schott Rodeo/Triple T Livestock)

Andrew Alvidrez vs. I’m Your Daddy (Cooper/Scruggs Bucking Bulls)

Cody Jesus vs. Knucklehead (K Bar C Bucking Bulls/TCB Ranch)

Qynn Andersen vs. Carlos Danger (Farris Cattle/Big Schott Rodeo)

Braidy Randolph vs. Younts Brody’s Pet (Farris Cattle/Big Schott Rodeo)

Briggs Madsen vs. Rank Frank (Jenkins Cattle Co.)

Daniel Keeping vs. No Doubt (Richard & Teri Braun/Jenkins Cattle)


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